Command Center at Solace Wealth Management (CCSWM) provides clients a unique opportunity to recapture lost capital. The command center here at Solace Wealth Management will provide unparalleled options for you the client to experience our financial partners to manage risk and decrease your risk for loss. Our industry-leading financial performance with top-line insurance companies is a proven value and clients that take a closer look enjoy results sooner than later. We trust you’ll find everything you need to know about safeguarding your family’s financial future.

Not sure which products are right for you? We offer a wide array of insurance products from many national carriers, and will tailor these products to fit your needs. We will work with you and customize a plan to protect you and your assets. We are a company you can trust!

We provide all lines of insurance to our customers, including Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Annuities, and more. So whether you are in need of health or life insurance, or are looking to set up a college fund or retirement plan, we can help you with these and more!

No matter what type of insurance you need, our specialists will provide you with a customized plan. Our extensive knowledge and expertise will help you sleep better at night.