Design. Customized Plans are meant to meet your needs. Large companies have people to cater to them, while a mom and pop, medium size business, government agencies, and non-profit may be forced to approve an off the shelf fix.

SWM provides a consultative approach to your business, government agency, and to non-profits who need that extra effort and level of respect. Our way of doing business provides clients with the most appropriate solutions to meet your grand business.

We look at plan considerations such as needs, wants, and employee demographics. The history of your business makes a difference in the level of service you expect. Your history and future goals will be taken into consideration as well as the availability of funds for contributed. How will the plan improve the tax aspects of your company? Employee demographics, retention and retirement income goals also are taken into account.

Knowledgeable professionals will assist you to design the service platforms. Professional sponsors assist you while you enhance your presence in the industry. You will have the confidence to use 401(k) plans, Safe Harbor options, profit-sharing plans, new comparability/cross-tested, governmental 457(b) eligible plans, defined benefit/cash balance (investment only), and DB(k) (investment only).

Flexible Service Platforms offer you solutions you may not have been able to incorporate into your operation. FSP provide a perfect-fit solution for you and your business, two service level options are available:

Full-Service– the insurance company handles both investment management and administrative duties of the retirement plan.

Investment-only –the insurance company handles the investment management. Administrative duties are handled by a Third Party Administrator (TPA).

Always remember we provide substance, service and satisfaction.