Products or Service – Why not have both.

Does it really matter how you plan for life and the transfer of wealth and ownership of assets?
Of course, you say, that is why I have a Will and beneficiaries not to mention the tax issues. Very good you’re on the right track.

In the financial world we have a saying – if the herd is going one direction that is the wrong way to go. For example, why do so many agents come and go? Answer – They follow the herd. Why do so many companies try so hard to look different and still take the same actions? You guessed it, those actions and management plans do not work or have a short shelf live.

We at SWM welcome you into our managed plan for life options. We ask you what is important to you. We want to know what you expect out of your financial plan. Do you what to end with a zero balance or would you like to pass a large estate to your heirs? Do you what the funds to transfer to a charity?

Those and other similar questions are asked to guide SWM in providing you with a plan for living and an exit strategy. We will provide you with options based on your direct input. The dangers of too much information or scare tactics are left out. This way you can focus on substance, service, and satisfaction.

So the question is, which is it product or service? The answer is crystal clear, the products are available -what is needed is the service and the solutions. If there was only one way of planning, would we not all being doing it that way. NASCAR has a template for each car and it must be followed to the letter. The winner has a great team, experience, and I must say luck to come out the winner. To be a winner in that great sport, chance and other elements come to the track just like the teams.

We at SWM want you to be savvy in adjustments to your plan as the years go by. That comes with education and a proactive approach. By assisting you with information and being a more informed consumer you will: be able to ask great questions, be able to look through the information, and be able to make wise choices. We will be your resource and be professional enough to provide you with the information to make tough decisions.

Product or Service?

If you were sold on death benefit and a monthly payment, premium, I would suggest a much better way to handle person business.
What is the difference between Solace Wealth Management and a Broker or General Agent they sale death benefits as trained. We at Solace Wealth Management provide a service. We listen to you and your needs gather information from you and provide options such as living benefits in our plan for living.