How do you save to buy a home?

Silly, how do you a young or young at heart mission minded person expect to get funding for one residence and save for another? Yes, we at Solace Wealth Management would like you to not only think about that issue; but act on it!

As you come back to the States or stay in-county unless you really want a stone to be your pillow we need to talk. As you start out, whether you are a domestic missionary, a globe trotting missionary, or stay in a village/city, your home must be on the list of items you make a priority.

To set aside funding you must know what kind of lifestyle you want first. Then second, see if that is a real option. Third, find reality and use that as a foundation. You do not want to overlook something that will prevent you the option to purchase a home later in life. Nor should you build your home on the sand. A bad plan is equal to building your home on the sand.

Let Solace Wealth Management provide you with a plan that is time tested. So no matter what your mansion looks like on earth it will be the mansion you make your life in on earth until our Lord walks us down that street of gold that leads to a home that moths and rust will not destroy.