How do you save to purchase a car?

Depending on your location and needs an auto may be provided for you and your team. No matter if the auto has four legs or four wheels. During your stay the ability to move freely may impact how effective you are at spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thinking ahead often requires looking back in time. Let’s look back to when you were 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17, now during those years how you moved about changed a lot. For most of us we wanted some sort of cool car and really thought at times we might get it. Then maybe during one of those years just having a car that ran was cool!

Now what we need is contrasted with what we can afford, and maybe contrasted with what is best for our needs. This all does not come without a purpose and a plan. Someone stated a plan that is not written down is a dream not a plan.

Solace Wealth Management wants you to write down your plan(s) and post them in a place that you see all the time. We know in Bible times people wrote on their foreheads. You may not want to use some sort of marker on your forehead. However, a systematic option is how you succeed. This is how we suggest you save for a car.

What type of plan works? Yes, you’re correct one that is written. But at SWM we need to look at the types of accounts that make sense for the time you’re away and your location. So as you contemplate on how you can get a car. Let SWM work with you on devolving your plan and how that plan will work in your financial model.