Retirement Planning

Retirement planning options: 401(K), IRA, SEP, and so on. You may want to start your very own pension.

We understand that we have to put gas in the tank for the vehicle to have energy to run. We understand the oil needs changing and the like as well to keep the car in good working order. Many other actions are taken to keep the auto in order. Likewise in our homes. We check the roof for links and the foundation for cracks. We clean our homes inside and out. We take care of our personal needs too. We eat, wash, and exercise to keep our bodies in working order so to speak.

Oh, yes retirement planning. How do we plan for retirement when we are going to be young for so long? The market crashed, it is all over the news and websites are providing the information about the nation’s loss of not only a paper loss but a real financial loss to our wealth and buying ability. Our purchasing power is down and shows little sign of changing, so they say.

Some want to know if I invest, that long term thing, how do I know how much I will have when I retire. Or I will have social security. Or I will chose not to pay into SS so what do I do? Good questions, as you pray about making a decision that you feel comfortable making we at SWM would like to build a financial model that will provide you a place for protection, savings, and growth.

A system of leveraging your dollars and a full understanding of how money works will empower you to act with purpose of mind and a calm sense of expectations. Making strong financial moves is not hard. It does require time and understanding. Working with SWM you will achieve to some level of understanding. This will provide you the ability to speak about your financial model with self assurance.

As we build your model you will be able to make strategic funds transfers and leverage your assets and capital in the strongest positive accounts to bring you financial success. You will be able to move funds in a financial systematic and timely while seeing the results first. Let us show you this system and see how it works to your benefit.