Save for a child’s education

Funding for a child’s education is optional. Yes, it is an option whether you chose to assist your child during the phase of life called the college years. We at Solace Wealth Management would like to learn about your situation and hear your thoughts. As we work on this issue together a system of decisions will be made in a timely manner to assure you are able to provide the best funding strategies based on your location and needs.

A coordinated financial system will be tailored to meet your goals. While no man can foresee or tell the future we can plan for the anticipated and allow for changes as the time draws near. The options and possibilities as to how accounts can be used need to be fully understood. Tax issues need to be taken into account as well as whether or not the funds be transferred to a sibling or another person. These few items, taxes and transferability, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Solace Wealth Management will listen and provide the options with the respective guidance for you to make the best choices or options for your future.